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You and the stranger both like hetalia.
Stranger: Matthew Williams had been informed that his roommate wouldn't be back until much later that night, and he had been feeling rather... Frisky, for said roomie. He had always had a crush on him, and had come out to him long ago when they had first met, and being so close to him lately had been getting to him. He was laying in his room on his side, facing away from the door which had been left cracked open, his pants hanging just below his bottom with his underwear still up as he was stroking himself, stifling his moans with a bitten lip. As he began picking up speed and pumping himself, he whimpered his roommate's name, eyes tearing and his face hot and flushed. He was moaning loudly and panting as he continued pumping himself, quivering and biting his lip, not having noticed that his door had opened wider.
You: Gilbert was heading out with his friends that night to see a movie and go to a club. Half way there in his car he realized he had forgotten his wallet back at the room. He made his way back to the dorm that was shared by his roommate Matthew. He knew about Matthew and he didn"Ummm Mattie?"
You: im sorry one moment)
Stranger: ((No problem!))
You: Didn't really mind. Actually he began developing feeling for the young man but he wouldn't say so. He finally made it back to the dorm and heard some weird noises coming from the room. He didn't think much of it and opened the door, what he saw made him blush so red it seemed like no blood was getting to the rest of his body, "Ummmm Mattie?"
Stranger: Matthew froze, having almost been at his peak, but stopped dead cold, blood rushing to his face and turning it dark red. He quickly fumbled to pull up his pants and whipped around, seeing Gilbert at the door. He was speechless, as he just- ran to his bathroom, slamming the door shut and locking it. He was so humiliated, he didn't know how he would ever look Gilbert in the eye again, let alone speak to him.
You: "Mattie! Mattie." Gilbert closed the door behind him and rushed over to the bathroom door. "Mattie, are you ok?"
Stranger: "I-I'm fine! Wh-what are you d-doing here?!" He exclaimed behind the closed doors, about to burst into tears from his embarrassment.
You: "I forgot my wallet." He rubbed his face from his own embarrassment. 'Damn,' he thought, 'if the awesome me feels this embarrassed how does Mattie feel?' He knocked on the door, "Mattie can you come out for the awesome me?"
Stranger: Matthew hesitated, scrubbing his tearing eyes and placed his hand on the doorknob. He didn't want to come out, he wanted to shrivel in the corner and die, he was so mortified. He simply unlocked the door, but did not open it. He went back towards the shower, his face hot as his tears threatened to escape.
You: "Mattie the awesome me is coming in." He opened the door and peaked around the corner to see Matthew looking like someone just punched him in the stomach and probably feeling that way to. He walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "It
You: "I
You: "It's fine Mattie. Ok?"
Stranger: Matthew cringed away from his touch, though he had desperately wanted it just moments ago. Oh god, his stomach was in knots now, he was humiliated. Sure it was okay to Gilbert, he's not the one who was masturbating to his name. But he choked out a small "O-okay...." though he remained away from him, not looking up from the drain.
You: Gilbert could see that Matthew was still very distressed by what had just happened, and who could blame him. In truth Gilbert was, in some way, glad that he knew Matthew liked him the same way. Gilbert knew he needed to show Matthew that he had nothing to worry about so he did the first thing he could think of. He kissed him on the cheek, just a few milometers away form the corner of his mouth.
Stranger: Matthew's blush darkened, as he looked up a bit shocked, but at the same time, relieved almost. Though his face was still hot, causing a few tears to remain in his eyes, he gazed up at him almost longingly, wishing he didn't look so needy.
You: When Gilbert saw Matthew look at him he put his hand under his chin to keep him from looking down again. He saw the look in his eyes, the look of hunger but in a sweet way. He looked like a puppy wanting it's food bowel to be filled. Gilbert leaned in slowly and softly and lovingly kiss him. He wanted that man but, Matthew had been humiliated that day already so he wanted to see if Matthew would make the next move by himself.
Stranger: Matthew's face heated even more, feeling the gentle lips on his own. Normally he could control his urges, but tonight he had lost it. And since he was already gone, there was no use in trying to come back. After all, Gilbert had undoubtedly heard Matthew say his name, he knew, and now, if he was doing something about it, then maybe he felt the same..! The kiss ended so quickly though, but Mattew found himself stepping up on his toes slightly, and gently kissing him again, almost curiously as if asking permission to do so. His eyes were lightly closed, and his once trembling figure was almost relaxed.
You: Gilbert tried to relax to keep himself form going over with his overwhelming emotions. He was doing fine until he felt Matthew kiss him again and seek out this kiss. At that point he didn't want to wait anymore, he was going to make this move. He began to deepen the kiss and make it more rough and passionate. He snaked his hand around Matthew
You: 's waist and pulled him closer to himself.
Stranger: "M-mm..." Matthew let out a small moan in the kiss, it being better than he had ever imagined. His hands rested lightly on his chest, but they slowly began to move up and around his neck, as if imploring him not to stop. It was so... Amazing, his death was being taken away as he kissed back with not as much dominance, but just as much passion, his face and whole body heating up again as their bodies were pressed together by Gilbert's arm around his waist.
Stranger: Breath*
You: As Matthew moved his hands up Gilbert's chest it sent vibrations through his whole body making it beg for more. He pressed Matthew's body on the cold wall so they could be touching as much as possible. How long had he dreamed of this even he didn't know, but now that it was happening he wouldn't let it go to waste. He grinded up agents Matthew to see what kind of affect he could get from such a "simple" action.
Stranger: Matthew received chills up his spine by being pressed against the cold wall, though he didn't put up much of a struggle. But the other's heat against his own body was making him even more needy than he was earlier, and it was soon to drive him mad. "O-oh...!" He tried to stifle his moan of pleasure at the grinding, causing himself to squirm and take deeper breaths, though he tried to keep his breathing even. But... Oh god, it felt so good! So exciting. His arms tightened around his neck slightly as butterflies ravished his stomach.
You: As Matthew pulled away from the kiss he didn't want to loos contact he needed that contact. So he latched on to the next best thing, his neck. He kissed up and down his neck leaving little bite marks and tinny bruises with every kiss. He still desired more of his skin, it was addictive to him, like a drug. He ran his fingers under his shirt and up Matthews spin. With the other hand he grabbed the hem of his pants slowly easing them passed his thighs.
Stranger: He couldn't help but to let out tiny moans and whimpers, his face flushing hot as his tender neck was kissed and nipped. He arched into his kiss and touch, his own hands gripping and ungripping at his shirt needingly. He quickly brought his hands back down to Gilbert's face, cupping his cheeks and lifting him off of his neck and bringing him into a deep kiss. If he had let him continue, his neck probably would have been covered in hickeys, and though Matthew wouldn't have minded in the least, it would have just made things much harder for him to try keeping calm. But he did want that again.
You: He was a little surprised by the kiss but quickly adjusted and kissed him back. As his tongue explored Matthews mouth his hands where busy removing both of their pants. Switching from his to Matthew's he managed to remove both pants and pulled away from the kiss only to remove his shirt and throw it on the ground in the growing pile of forgotten cloths.
Stranger: Matthew was certain he would feel bad about Gilbert missing his plans, and no doubt he would be highly embarrassed by his own actions that were so unlike himself, but right now, that didn't matter. His eyes were halfidded as he watched him discard his shirt in the pile where both their pants lie, them only in boxers and Matthew in his button up shirt. He recaptured his own breath before the kiss continued, feeling himself press even more against him, his fingers tracing from Gilbert's chest to his back.
You: Gilbert moaned slightly in the kiss. That moment he had an idea something that he thought would Matthew go crazy. He pulled away from the kiss and slowly undid his shirt buttons with his teeth, kissing the newly exposed flesh softly every time a button was removed.
Stranger: When the kiss broke again, Matthew was panting and his face and body was burning. But when Gilbert was undoing his buttons with his teeth, he felt like his knees were going to give out, going almost limp as he went down further and further, pressing himself harder against the wall to keep up and moaning a bit more loudly.
You: As he unbuttoned the last button on his shirt he was on his knees. He looked up at Matthew as if asking if it was ok for him to proceed. He hoped he didn't look to needy or pathetic cause that is not awesome.
Stranger: Matthew had looked down hesitantly, biting his lip and looking away as he was regaining his breath and gripping the wall tightly. He was much too- timid, to give permission for anything like that, though that is what he desperately wanted. He fought to remain standing as his knees threatened him, the butterflies in his stomach growing bigger and hotter with every moment.
You: "Mattie. Tell me if you want it." He said seriously but almost teasing him, "If you don't tell me what you want I can
You: 't do it."
Stranger: His face blushed darker, biting his lip roughly as tears formed in his eyes. He was do desperate right now, Gilbert had gotten him all riled up, and now he needed it. He spoke up quietly and almost breathlessly "I... I-I want it...."
You: "Want what?"
Stranger: Matthew couldn't say it, the words not escaping his throat. He gave him a pleading, desperate look, his bottom lip quivering. He prayed he wouldn't have to make him say it.
You: Gilbert smirked. "Ok ok." He began to lick up and down, and twirled his tongue around the tip of Matthew's erect member, working his hands around the base.
Stranger: "Nng..." This was it. The longing feeling he had had for a while now, wanting Gilbert to touch him, kiss him, hold him. And now it was reality. He shivered and moaned loudly, forcing himself against the wall to keep standing. His hands went to Gilbert's hair, tangling his fingers in it and stroking it.
You: His fingers worked up and down Matthew's member teasingly. He wasn't going to let him off that easy. He was going to tease this kid till he was begging. It may sound mean but he had fantasies too. He replaced his fingers with his tongue, licking up and down his member and flicking the head with his tongue.
Stranger: "Hah.. H-hah..! Uhnn..." He moaned, desperately tugging his hair gently. He knew now... He was being teased... Oh, but it felt so good, and it was even more arousing this way. Though it was going to soon become unbearable, the pressure building and his moans increasing. "G-Gilbert..." He whimpered quietly, panting and squirming under him nervously with increasing intensity.
You: Gilbert smirked, slipped him mouth around Mattie's member, he then slid his tongue around and bobbed his head. His teeth slightly grazing his member as he moved.
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